2022 Spiral Scripture Calendar


2022 Scripture Calendar
Comforts from the Cross

This year my hope is that these verses would draw us towards Christ our Comfort. If you are new to FreshEntity calendars, you should know that though these yearly calendars reduce Scripture to 12 verses, I do hope that the reminders in your home or office may then spur you to dig deeper into Scripture throughout your day. This year’s calendar is for the one that longs to walk with a God who promises to be near. These verses remind us that He welcomes us to rest, that He satisfies us, He comforts us, He sustains, He gives peace, He rescues. With each turn of the month, may these verses envelope you with the promise of God’s nearness and draw you into a deeper understanding of a God who sees.

Come you weary heart now to Jesus
Come you anxious soul now and see
There is perfect love and comfort in your tears
Rest here in His wondrous peace

Oh the goodness, the goodness of Jesus
Satisfied, He is all that I need
May it be, come what may, that I rest all my days
In the goodness of Jesus

Come find what this world cannot offer
Come and find your joy here complete
Taste the living water, never thirst again
Rest here in His wondrous peace

The 2022 calendar is hand illustrated and professionally printed on thick classic felt paper.  Every month has a unique design and encouragement from Scripture and boxes for you to write the details to important dates.  Each 12-month spiral bound calendar is packaged in a clear cellophane bag.  

Each calendar is 11x14 in size.

**Use the coupon code FRESHBULK when buying 10 or more for a 10% discount which is basically one FREE calendar! :)

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